Application Design & Development

In the software industry, change is the only constant. Healthbox IT designs and develops applications to allow your business to deliver the latest technology to all of your stakeholders. We help clients create exciting, yet practical solutions for their business, making sure they stay cutting edge and avoid the bleeding edge.

Partnered Development

Sometimes all you need is a helping hand. Whether a project is understaffed or has a critical deadline, Healthbox IT can provide expert developers that will work side-by-side with the client’s development team. With an emphasis on knowledge transference, Healthbox IT developers not only help clients achieve their goals, but work to “leave it better than you found it” by helping to improve client processes and developer skill levels.

Product Development

Whether a business has more priorities than resources or simply prefers to outsource development, Healthbox IT can provide a complete solution. Partnering with a client Product Owner, Healthbox IT provides a complete development team armed with state-of-the-art tools and development infrastructure. Together with the Product Owner, a Healthbox IT Scrum Master will develop a product backlog complete with acceptance criteria. After each Sprint, the Scrum Master meets with the client Product Owner for assessment and review of performance to date. At this time, the client Product Owner can review the project objectives re-prioritize or alter directions as needed. Daily Standup Meetings and Sprint Reviews help the Product Owner and other client stakeholders stay in touch with progress in a completely transparent process, which yields a quality product for the client.

About Our Software Process…

At Healthbox IT, we have embraced Agile and Lean approaches, each of which embraces two key values – collaborative work with stakeholders and transparency. Studies have repeatedly shown that the most effective and efficient way to develop software is with a small, dedicated team that works closely with a product visionary and expert. Agile methodologies call this person a Product Owner, and he or she is essential to success. Maintaining transparency is critical to allow the business to understand “at a glance” how things are going and how closely the work aligns with their business need.

At Healthbox Technologies, we have embraced Agile and Lean approaches because they provide a couple of key values – collaborative work with stakeholders and transparency. Study after study show that the best successes in developing software come from a small, dedicated team of people who work closely with a product visionary and expert. Agile methodologies call this person a Product Owner, and he or she is key to successfully delivering a product that meets the clients’ needs and priorities. Maintaining transparency is particularly important because transparency allows the business to “at a glance” understand how things are going and how closely the work aligns with their business need.

Whether we are collaborating with a client on Partnered Development or providing a complete package with Product Development, we work closely with the client’s “product owner” to establish a backlog of work that sets the goals for the project. Our developers maintain a constant dialog with the “product owner” to ensure that the work they are doing is in line with his or her vision and expectations. We use state-of-the-art online tools to manage the backlog and provide transparency. With just a few mouse clicks, any stakeholder can clearly see what work is currently being done, and how future work is prioritized.

In line with Agile philosophies, we time box development and conduct frequent reviews and demonstrations of progress for stakeholders. With Healthbox IT, you are in control and in touch with your projects.

Mobile Development

Our belief is that Mobile Apps should deliver a great user experience anywhere, anytime, on any device. Individuals that carry smart phones and tablets need and want access to timely information that makes them more productive.

In an increasingly mobile and global society, every business has stakeholders who require access to critical information in order to make business decisions. In a “bring your own device” world, businesses need mobile solutions that work on any platform, whether iOS, Android, RIM or others.

These requirements demand that an organization understand the environment that their management and employees operate. The need is for a partner that can develop applications that support the best mobile platforms: iOS, Android, and RIM, as well as Windows and Macintosh computers that utilize different web browsers. In order for these applications to function effectively, the underlying systems that support data access must be robust and secure. Our development team combines user interface capabilities with expertise in all facets of database design, system interoperability, and encryption.

Development Infrastructure Planning and Development

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler. ”

— Albert Einstein

Though often overlooked, Software Development Infrastructure is essential for software development success. Most companies have some form of source control, but Software Development Infrastructure encompasses much more – including effective use of source control, continuous integration builds release management, and development and testing platforms. Healthbox IT specialists provide full-service assistance including:

  • Source Control Tools, Techniques, and Strategies
  • Release Management
  • Continuous Integration
  • Use of Virtualization for lower-cost Development and Testing Platforms
  • Collaboration, Shared Documentation, and IP Retention