Technology Planning and Mentoring

With Healthbox IT’s Technology Planning and Mentoring (TP&M) program, clients can supplement their development organization with our strategic planning services. Clients gain multi-level insight and advice from experts for improving their organization and in moving toward specific project objectives. In a TP&M partnership, Healthbox IT experts collaborate with you to evaluate your organizational readiness and provide concrete recommendations and assistance, helping to avoid some of the stalls, false starts, and pitfalls so common in development projects.

Healthbox IT’s TP&M program is a partnership in organizational improvement, not just a written report. We make mentors available to your developers, project managers, and even your managers to help you transform your development team into a high-performance team.


The TP&M program covers topics including:

  • Staff Readiness
    Skills assessments, education plans, reading lists, online and in-person classes
  • Software Tools
    Advanced tools, add-ins, and libraries recommended for the client’s specific needs.
  • Software Architecture
    Recommendations on appropriate architectures — distributed systems, service architectures, SQL vs. NoSQL, CQRS and other state-of-the-art possibilities – tailored to match the client’s goals.
  • Software Infrastructure
    Recommendations for source control, continuous integration, IP retention and collaboration infrastructure.
  • Quality Assurance
    Recommendations on QA roles, tools, processes, and strategies.


In the face of rapidly changing technologies, many company’s IT department constantly struggles to complete current projects while keeping pace with evolving technologies and techniques. Healthbox IT offers a variety of training programs to help you quickly adopt new technologies and manage the continuing education of your staff.

Collaborative work can create a continuous learning environment that challenges the team to learn, with stronger team members mentoring and coaching their peers. But, who mentors the mentors?

In the best of circumstances, it is extremely hard to find the time to do the research, learn about promising new technologies and techniques, and adapt them to projects. Often you can save time and money by calling in experts to help you and your team learn, sort out the theory from practice, and jumpstart your development efforts.

At Healthbox IT, we have an amazing team of specialists that can provide the help you need. We offer professional development planning assistance as well as non-technical and technical training:

Non-technical Training…

  • Managing Development Organizations
  • A Manager’s Introduction to Agile and Lean Project Management
  • Scrum Training
    • For the Team
    • For Product Owners
    • For Scrum Masters

Technical Training…

  • Application Development with ASP.NET MVC
  • Using .NET LINQ
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Introductory and Advanced training with HTML and CSS
  • Using Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection Containers
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Database Design for Transactional Databases
  • Data Warehouse Design
  • SQL Server Query Optimization techniques.

Quality Assurance

Delivering effective software systems that meet the ever changing requirements of the healthcare industry has always been a challenge. The goal is to provide management and other users with timely and critical information necessary to make important decisions. These software applications tend to be complex and require rigorous testing to ensure that the information is accurate and dependable. Healthbox IT has created proven systems and methodologies that you can deploy on your critical applications.

In software development, Quality Assurance is often squeezed in as a testing “phase” – the last job at the end of a long process that requires so much more QA involvement. The quality assurance process should be a more integral part of the entire development process. Professional Quality Assurance experts are just as skilled as top developers and share many of the same skills. They understand software processes, architectures, databases, and programming so that they can ensure quality at all levels. They safeguard the software process. They vet the product backlog, requirements, and acceptance criteria by creating scripts and test routines to validate software functionality and its adherence to acceptance criteria. Healthbox IT understands the importance of Quality Assurance at all levels and can help you integrate QA principles throughout the development process, when problems are easier and cheaper to fix.

Healthbox IT provides training and assistance to help clients get the most out of their quality assurance processes.

Our Quality Assurance services include:

A comprehensive view of quality assurance…

  • Definition of standards in quality
  • Quantifying quality results
  • Achieving quality thru metric measuring

Best practices for requirements definition management…

  • The Requirements Management Process
  • The Common Sense Model for Development and Testing
  • Requirement traceability
  • Model-Based Requirement management for effective testing
  • Adopt Model-Based requirements
  • Formally design for test scripts
  • Define your test process

Best practice in software testing and validation…

  • Testing functional and quality requirements
  • Trace requirements for components
  • Trace test cases to database components
  • Perform thorough regression testing
  • Select tools to support your process
  • Building the inspection process
  • Documenting requirements
  • Use cases as a powerful test design tool